It goes without saying that In the fast-paced world of business, versatility is key. Just imagine being able to finalize a contract on your computer and effortlessly transfer it to your mobile device for a quick signature while on the go – how great would that be? Luckily, you don’t have to imagine anything as the proper tools to conveniently edit PDF content on your computer and then sign it on any Android and iOS device already exist right here in PDF Extra.

So, how can you go full cross-platform mode and wow clients with fast response rates?

The four steps to cross-platform perfection

Let's dive into the steps you need to follow when editing & signing a contract to get work done faster and better.

  1. Edit on your computer. Leverage the power of your Windows PC to edit your PDF content with surgeon-like precision. Whether it's updating text, adding annotations, or inserting images, having a robust editing tool on your desktop will give you the flexibility to refine your documents exactly as needed. Customize PDF images and other elements to make your file clear and stylish, then add, resize, arrange, or rotate any local image or insert pictures straight from the web. Whatever your project calls for, really.

  2. Move the PDF over to your mobile device. Once you've fine-tuned your document on your computer, the next step is to transfer it to your mobile device (both Android & iOS versions are supported). If you upload it to MobiDrive, which is the proprietary cloud storage solution of the PDF Extra editor, you could also access your files on any device from a single account. Of course, the app also perfectly integrates with the big players like OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

  3. Sign on the go, online and offline. One of the standout features of mobile document management is the ability to sign contracts on the go. PDF Extra enables you to quickly add your signature, initials, or even draw your own signature directly in the document by using nothing but your smartphone or tablet. Now, you can finally sign important contracts at ten times the speed without being confined to your office desk.

  4. Collaborate with ease. Now that you’ve done all the hard work, all that’s left to do is share the edited and signed PDF with your colleagues or clients. Luckily, doing so with PDF Extra is simple business. When opening PDFs on your mobile phone, you have all the contacts and address books available to share directly through the app itself. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone involved in the process stays updated.

Bonus: seven tips for lighting-fast document signing

Want to always keep on top of your documents? Here are some extra tips to further supercharge your signing workflow and keep PDFs secure:

  • Use a secure mobile app. Ensure that the mobile app you choose for signing contracts provides a secure signing process. This is crucial for the validity of the document.

  • Choose a clear signature style. When creating your digital signature, opt for a clear and legible style. A well-defined signature adds a professional touch to your documents.

  • Templates for efficiency. Creating templates for frequently used paperwork is a time-saving strategy that can expedite your document workflow. Having pre-designed templates for contracts or forms eliminates the need for writing everything from scratch.

  • Date the contract. While a contract does not necessarily have to be dated to be valid and enforceable, adding a date is a good practice. This can be crucial for understanding the timeline of events and obligations outlined in the contract.

  • Secure your signed contracts. After digitally signing a contract, it's essential to take steps to protect the PDF and avoid any potential legal mishaps. PDF Extra offers options to lock the document after signatures are added to ensure that the content remains unchanged, preserving the integrity of your agreement.

  • Backup and storage. Ensure that you work with safe storage for your signed contracts by uploading them to a highly secure cloud storage service, such as PDF Extra’s own MobiDrive which is fully integrated with the editing app.

  • Accessibility and mobility. One of the key advantages of digital document management is accessibility. Just like PDF Extra, all other platforms and apps you frequently work with should provide you with seamless workflows across multiple devices. This way you could retrieve, review, or share your contracts instantly no matter what you do or where you are as opposed to staying in a purely Windows-based or an Android-based ecosystem, for instance.

Final thoughts

Just like a quick & productive business meeting, we’ve kept this entry short and sweet. We highly encourage you to test some of our suggested PDF editing & signing tips for yourself as they will not only streamline your workflow but also make your business transactions appear more professional and secure. So, embrace the power of digital tools, keep up with the best practices in the dynamic landscape of modern business, and success will be sure to follow.

Happy PDF-ing and until next time!