Excel at any task. Convert PDF to Excel and back

Mindlessly copying and pasting data sets into Excel will only get you so far. Save time, avoid errors, and
enjoy your morning sip of coffee as our simple and efficient PDF to Excel converter gets to work and
perfectly recreates your document in spreadsheet format.




turn pdf to excel
Turn PDF to Excel
in seconds

Animate your static PDF tables with our quick and
simple PDF to XLS converter. Gain access to custom
macros, mathematical formulas, multiple file tabs,
and a whole slew of other data analysis tools
all the while keeping your original document intact.




Bring scanned
documents to life

Benefit from intelligent text recognition (OCR)
technology and convert scanned PDF texts into fully
interactive data sets. Organize PDF pages as
separate Excel tabs
at the click of a button and
save hours of tedious manual work while retaining
the initial formatting.

scanned documents




convert excel to pdf
Stay protected.
Convert Excel to PDF
Seamlessly render business invoices, income
statements, inventory reports, and other complex
documents into the flexible PDF file format and have
them open on any device. Apply custom user
restrictions to protect your files
. Further upgrade
your PDF security with strong passwords, digital
signatures, and reliable 256-bit encryption.



Why convert PDF to Excel with us?

Most PDF to Excel converters out there either take way too long to get the job done, output a broken file with missing text, or outright steal your data. With PDF Extra, each time you convert from PDF to an Excel file, your document will be faithfully recreated inside the Excel environment down to the last digit, no questions asked. The process is blazing fast, simple, and best of all – completely safe as you won't have to worry about potential data leaks, unexpected errors, or other issues that could put a damper on your creative flow.

When you convert PDF to an Excel spreadsheet, you unlock a whole universe of features that are otherwise impossible to implement in a PDF format. These include setting custom column widths, using mathematical formulas, and employing data sorting filters. You can also visualize your spreadsheet more cleanly through colorful graphs and charts. All of this gives you more control over your data as opposed to a regular PDF file with static charts and tables.
Absolutely! Unlike other PDF tools, PDF Extra always keeps your original formatting intact. The PDF to XLS converter also supports over 200 languages, ensuring that even multilingual documents will be perfectly translated into Excel format or the other way around.
Depending on the complexity and size of your PDF, you can expect the conversion process to take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. In addition, the PDF to Excel converter does not have any limitations on the number of pages that can be converted.
The same way you create an Excel file from a PDF. Simply choose an XLS and watch as PDF Extra's Excel to PDF tool flawlessly exports each tab within your spreadsheet as a separate PDF page. You can then apply lossless PDF compression to reduce the file size and easily share your document online without compromising on quality.
Yes! Each PDF image will keep its original quality and will be exported in a separate Excel tab corresponding to the PDF page where your image was located. Keep in mind, however, that having too many images in your Excel file could break the formatting or even lead to software instability issues, so it's best to avoid converting such content to Excel altogether.
You could always use free online tools in case you're concerned about installing new software on your machine. Most of these, however, will either not work properly, be vulnerable to hacker attacks, or could even end up selling your personal data to third parties. In contrast, none of this is an issue when using a specialized PDF converter to Excel.

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