Foxit PDF is a powerful and versatile PDF editor offering a wide range of features for individual and business users, but like all else it’s not without its faults. In this review, we will take a closer look at the software's features, what it does well and what it could do better, how accessible it is pricing-wise, and how it fares against other PDF editors with similar features.

Let’s dive right in!

What is Foxit PDF Editor?

As was the case with our PDFelement review, this software was also created by a Chinese company, but instead of Wondershare, this time it’s Foxit Software. The PDF reader and editor itself has been around since the early 2000s and in that time it has earned the favor of many individuals and businesses around the world, making it one of the more popular PDF options available today.

So, what can this piece of software do?

  • PDF creation: creating anything from a quick PDF form to a detailed portfolio right within the software application.

  • PDF editing: modifying PDF texts with a built-in spellchecker, as well as more advanced functions like changing the entire page layout, adding shading to objects and watermarks, and embedding audio and video content.

  • Document scanning: converting paper-based documents into digital PDFs with the help of OCR technology and making them editable & searchable.

  • File conversion: making PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML, text, or image files and vice-versa.

  • PDF organization: splitting or combining PDFs into a new document, reorganizing pages via drag & drop, and comparing documents side by side, as well as other more advanced functions like bates numbering, dynamic watermarks, and PDF compression.

  • PDF signatures: e-signing documents, tracking the signature status digitally, as well as collecting a signature from two or more individuals.

  • PDF protection: redacting texts, sanitizing documents to remove junk data from previous saves or hidden document layers, adding digital signatures and encryption, and integrations with Azure Information Protection and DocuSign.

  • File sharing: integrations with popular CMS solutions, cloud providers, and Microsoft’s SharePoint servers.

Is Foxit PDF Editor free?

Unfortunately, as of yet, the Foxit PDF Editor is not available for free. It does offer a 14-day trial, but it is gated by a submission form that requires users to share personal data upfront, which may be off-putting to some. Another thing to keep in mind is that users are required to share company emails even when trying out individual licenses, which clearly shows Foxit Software’s intent on prioritizing SMBs and corporations as opposed to individuals.

With all that said, Foxit Software does offer its PDF Reader free of charge, which includes some of its Editor’s functionalities like filling & signing documents, protecting PDFs, and easily sharing them with others, as well as a ChatGPT-powered AI assistant.

What is the cost of Foxit PDF Editor?

Foxit PDF Editor's individual pricing plans

While affordable, the cloud plan’s PDF toolset feels somewhat restricted.

Foxit Software’s pricing plans are typical for the sector, offering three different tiers to cater to the needs of individuals, teams, and educators respectively.

  • Foxit PDF Editor for Individuals: you get access to some or all Individual features yearly, depending on your chosen plan ($59.99/yr* for the cloud version, $109.99/yr for the standard version, and $139.99/yr for the pro version).

  • Foxit PDF Editor for Teams: allows you to manage licenses for more than one user. You get access to some or all Teams features yearly, depending on your chosen plan ($129.00/yr for the standard version and $159.00/yr for the pro version).

  • Foxit PDF Editor for Education: Tailored for the needs of students, teachers, and education admins. Foxit offers a cloud education account at just $4.99/yr and a fully featured version at $39.99/yr. However, no free trial option is available.

*Note that all prices exclude VAT.

What languages are supported by Foxit PDF Editor?

Currently, the only language that both the Foxit PDF Editor and the free PDF Reader officially support is English. All remaining languages are outsourced via a dedicated translation platform to volunteers, thus the company cannot guarantee the quality of each translation package.

On its website, Foxit Software lists several downloadable language packs in varied states of completion (27 languages in total). Here are some of the more complete packs available:

  • Lithuanian - 100%
  • Serbian - 100%
  • Turkish - 98%
  • Czech - 88%
  • Ukrainian - 50%
  • Chinese-Traditional (HK) - 50%
  • Hungarian (39%)

The remaining languages have an even lower completion score, with Hindi and Croatian currently sitting at 0%, so unless you speak English or any of the first four languages on the list above, you will probably have a very mixed experience with Foxit PDF Editor or Foxit PDF Reader as a first-time user.

Does Foxit PDF Editor sync across devices?

It does as it offers four versions of its product: desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux), mobile (Android & iOS), as well as a cloud-based version that supports all popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Users also get native integration with Microsoft 365, OneDrive, Google Drive, and ChatGPT. The AI tool in particular can be used to:

  • Translate bits of content
  • Create Q&A sections from a particular PDF
  • Explain any given content within a PDF
  • Correct spelling and grammar

Can I use Foxit PDF Editor offline?

This function is disabled by default. However, Foxit Software allows you to set an offline period of up to 60 days through its Admin Console portal. Once the offline period expires, you will have to renew it again from the Admin Console to remain offline.

Is the user interface beginner-friendly?

While looking a bit crowded at first, the interface is generally well thought out as it’s divided into multiple tabs filled with relevant tools, which eliminates guesswork.

Foxit PDF Editor's user interface

While the interface is a bit crowded, all tools are neatly split into relevant sections.

This way, if you need to convert files, simply head to the “Convert” tab and you will find all the tools you need there. Just want to read a book? Then simply click on the “View” tab and you are all set. There is even a separate “Accessibility” tab, including a built-in accessibility assistant that can quickly set up your file to be fully compatible with any of the assistive technologies available on the market.

Another great feature is the search bar in the upper taskbar which allows you to quickly find tools and settings within the app, as well as access the word finder to search text and images.

How to Activate Foxit PDF Editor?

To activate Foxit PDF Editor on your desktop:

  1. Register an account with Foxit Software.

  2. Install Foxit PDF Editor and open it.

  3. A splash screen will appear prompting you to log into your account. Click on “Sign In” to continue.

    Foxit PDF Editor's sign in prompt

  4. On the next window, type in your credentials and click on “Login”.

    Foxit PDF Editor's login screen

  5. Your Foxit PDF Editor license will be activated automatically.

Pros and Cons of Foxit PDF Editor

As the old saying goes, there are two sides to every coin. While generally a decent app, the Foxit PDF Editor has a few noticeable drawbacks that keep it from being the best PDF offering there is. Let’s take a look at what the PDF app does well and where it doesn’t quite hit the mark so you can better gauge how (and if) it will fit your workflow or that of your team.

Foxit PDF Editor – the good

  • User-friendly Interface: the clean and intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate and find the features you need, even if you are a beginner.

  • Good annotating and viewing experience: the app is generally praised for its smooth scrolling experience when reading PDFs, as well as for its rich suite of PDF commenting and collaboration tools.

  • Strong security features: the software offers an extensive set of encryption and password protection options to keep your documents secure.

  • Cross-platform compatibility: It’s available on Windows, macOS, Linux, web, and mobile devices, allowing access to your documents from anywhere.

Foxit PDF Editor – the bad

  • Steep cost for advanced features: while the cloud version is affordable, accessing advanced features often requires upgrading to much pricier subscription plans.

  • Slow performance with large files: some users report occasional performance slowdowns when working with complex PDF files.

  • Lacks ePub conversion: unlike some alternatives, Foxit PDF Editor cannot convert PDFs to ePub, which can be limiting if you’re into e-books.

  • Spotty multilingual support: the company has outsourced its localization efforts to volunteers, so the user experience will wildly vary from language to language.

Is Foxit PDF Editor worth it? Our final verdict

There is a reason Foxit PDF Editor is so popular with the business crowd. A fully featured suite with built-in Windows 365 integration, AI tools, and automation support that is available on all platforms, it easily outperforms Adobe Acrobat in almost every single way.

That being said, if you want all the bells and whistles that the software has to offer, the price can get steep fast – an issue further deepened by the missing lifetime license option. It also lacks some basic functionalities, like an ePub converter, and tends to get sluggish with large files. Finally, the promised multilingual support is not quite there yet since it rests on volunteer work.

However, if you are on the market for a PDF tool that has all the features you need at a much better price ( $50.28/yr for a standard license, $83.88/yr for a pro license, and $99/yr for a lifetime license) then consider giving PDF Extra a shot. Fast and intuitive, PDF Extra offers many of Foxit’s features in an even more intuitive package, including a fully functional ePub converter and an unlimited offline mode. Try the app for free for 14 days without creating an account or sharing any personal information on your Windows, Android, or iOS device.