Forrest McKinney

Forrest McKinney

What file type can be converted to a PDF?

In case you are among the people who tend to work in different teams and projects, you probably know a thing or two about changing file formats, especially so when it comes to...
Feb, 20, 2023

How to remove password protection from a PDF

With hackers running rampant these days, it's more important than ever to know how to properly secure your files before you send them launching into the organized chaos of the...
Feb, 06, 2023

How to compress a PDF?

"Size does matter" – this statement is as potent and unwavering just as its rival opposite, "Size does not matter". Well, whether we like it or not, in some cases, size ...
Jan, 23, 2023

How to convert PDF to Excel

By this point, it is safe to say that PDFs have become the Swiss army knife of the office world. But while they excel at many things (such as multiplatform support or long-term arc...
Jan, 04, 2023

How to combine PDF files

Combining PDFs is one of the best methods to organize your digital workspace and save some precious storage space in the process. Without further ado, let's take a deeper dive at a...
Dec, 19, 2022

How to convert PDF to Word

Converting a PDF file to a Word document can be useful in several situations. As we all know by now, PDF files are commonly used for sharing documents since they can be opened...
Dec, 05, 2022

How to digitally sign a PDF

Imagine you are applying for a job, your dream job, and your future employer sends you a PDF document you need to sign. A few years back, most of us would print the document, sign ...
Nov, 21, 2022

How to properly read a PDF on an iPhone

We all have our preferences with mobile device software. Whether this can be called “a rivalry between iOS and Android” is now more or less a friendly comparison betw...
Nov, 07, 2022

Which is the best PDF editor for Android?

Which one's better – iOS or Android? From a user's point of view, there has never been a clear winner. But if you do stick to the Android camp, you might have at on...
Oct, 21, 2022

What is PDF software

We are already living in a world where every device and application needs to be not only helpful, but also portable. We might say that we, as users, demand it. Therefore, hardware ...
Oct, 12, 2022

How to edit a PDF on Android

Editing something we've created is probably just as important as creating it in the first place, since rarely things come out perfect the first time around. Heck, we susp...
Sep, 27, 2022

How to Annotate a PDF

The art of adequately explaining a thing or a process is immensely important, especially in the digital world. PDF documents allow editing in ways that make them more specific, tan...
Aug, 22, 2022

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